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Point Richmond






Point Richmond or simply The Point is a neighborhood in southwestern Richmond, California at the base of the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. The neighborhood is situated in the Southwestern corner of the city between Interstate 580 and the San Francisco bay at the foot of the Richmond-San Rafael bridge. It is known for being quaint and for its smalltown charm and village feel.

The neighborhood was the city's central downtown area during the late 1800s until the early 1900s, when the present day downtown rose to prominence and superseded The Point as the busiest part of town. However the neighborhood has maintained many of its trademark mom n' pop shops and has fiercely resisted large chain stores from moving in.

There is a large hill which the "town" is built around on three sides. Many houses, which include historic Victorians, offer a view of the bay. Many of the area businesses are housed in century old buildings dating back to before the founding or incorporation of town. The Plunge, is a local landmark swim center, or Natatorium. The hill overhead is Miller-Knox regional park. There is a tunnel through this hill named Ferry Point tunnel, since trains used to drop passengers off here to continue onto San Francisco by ferries, before bridges connected the shores of the bay. The area on this side of the tunnel is known as Brickyard Cove. The Cove is home to Keller Beach, one of the several publicly accessible beaches in Richmond and the adjacent area features a large picnicking and biking park area. Continuing along the road is the S.S. Red Oak Victory ship which is part of a local National Historic Monument; it is a restored Victory ship made in the city during World War II.

Further along lies the Brickyard Cove Yacht club one of many marinas in the city, but by far the most exclusive. There are condominiums and brand new luxury tract homes terraced into the hills as well as McMansions on stilts along two Spits. The condo's amenities include a swimming pool, tennis court, sauna, and spa.

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