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OVERVIEW: Sausalito, named by a Spanish explorer for the little willows, or saucelitos, growing along its shores, always has been a vibrant area. In the 1800s, the area was known as Whaler's Harbor, and sailors and whalers flocked to the port for its safe harbor, saloons, bordellos and gaming houses. After its incorporation in 1893, the town became a major ferry and railway center, and then a shipyard during World War II. Through the 1960s, Sausalito carved an enduring reputation as the bohemian haunt of artists, writers, actors, poets, and others who spent their time on waterfront houseboats. Today, Sausalito is a favorite tourist destination, for its art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques lining Bridgeway, and for the beautiful and in some cases, funky homes that line the hills facing the bay as well as the harbor.

HOUSING: Housing costs in Sausalito are on the high side, especially for houses in the hills. Few houses have been built in the last five years, and real estate sales have remained steady.

EDUCATION: Along with children from neighboring Marin City, Sausalito students attend schools in the Sausalito School District before heading to Tamalpais High School, in the Tamalpais Union High School District.

TRANSPORTATION: Though many work at home or take public transportation, the car is the preferred method of commute. Thanks to the nearby freeway, travel times to many key destinations are fairly short.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Sausalito has its own police and fire departments. Crime is low. Earthquake danger is generally low, with more damage predicted along the water than in the hills.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Sausalito's mid-sized population includes mainly adults over 25. Many are single, and most are well-educated and work in managerial, technical, or sales professions.

AMENITIES: Sausalito is a popular place for tourists, and downtown boasts a wealth of small boutiques and souvenir shops, as well as a large collective. There are a variety of restaurants, churches, a library, and a movie theatre.

WEATHER: Sausalito is right on the water, and thus gets a lot of fog and mist coming in off the bay. This fog burns off by early afternoon most of the time, but sometimes the town can stay socked in for most of the day. Average temperatures range from 40 to 74 degrees.

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