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OVERVIEW: Tiny Ross is tucked in between San Anselmo and Kentfield in the middle of Central Marin's Ross Valley. The town takes its name from James Ross, a Scotsman who came to California during the Gold Rush, made a fortune selling wine in San Francisco, and bought the tract of land where the town now stands in 1857. Among the prominent institutions in town is the Marin Ar and Garden Center, a hub for a variety of nonprofit groups. The small downtown, bordering the soccer fields of Ross School, has a grocery store, post office, butcher, florist, a few small cafes and some offices. Ross also features some of the oldest and most exclusive estates in the county, both in the hills and along Shady Lane, the tree-lined road that connects it to neighboring San Anselmo.

HOUSING: Housing prices are expensive in this exclusive area. There is little if any new building. Zoning restrictions are fairly standard, as are tax rates.

EDUCATION: Families are served by the one-school Ross School District. Students attend Ross School for grades K-8, then Redwood High School in the Tamalpais Union High School District. There is a private high school in town.

TRANSPORTATION: A small but steady percentage work at home or walk to work. The rest drive or take public transportation. Traffic along Sir Francis Drake can be slow to many key destinations, but during non-rush hours cars move at the speed limit.

PUBLIC SAFETY: Ross has its own police and fire departments, including a police dog. Crime is low. Experts forecast little damage in the event of an earthquake.

DEMOGRAPHICS: Despite a small population, Ross has citizens of all ages. Townspeople reflect their affluent stature with higher educational achievements, and work in mostly white collar professions.

PARKS AND RECREATION: Ross doesn't have its own recreation department, but does have one park and the Marin Art and Garden Center, which has a playground and picnic areas. Ross children play in the Ross Valley Little League.

AMENITIES: It has a grocery store, butcher, florist, and Catholic and Episcopal churches.

WEATHER: Average temperature in Ross is about 59 degrees, with an average maximum temperature of 70 degrees and an average low of 48. From July to September, highs get into the 80s. Ross is inland, so it is warmer and drier than other spots in the county. The average low is around 48 degrees, with the coldest months being November and December.

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